Take a stroll around a little cottage neighborhood boasting a 'perfect blend of privacy and community'

You'll find plenty of tiny homes on the West Coast, but interest in tiny home neighborhoods is steadily increasing. One particular community has found booming success in Washington State.
Danielson Grove is located in Kirkland, Washington. Designed by Ross Chapin Architects, it is one of eight completed tiny home communities by The Cottage Company. Its goal (like the others developed by The Cottage Company) is to reduce the negative impact that bigger homes have on the environment as well as fostering sustainable communities.
The unique aspect of Danielson Grove is that even with the 16 individual homes in the community, each tiny home has a bit of land surrounded with serene gardens and small fences separating the homes. According to The Seattle Times, Danielson Grove integrates commonplace areas like community centers and a lush, grassy park. The shared aspects of the community are supported by monthly member fees.
Homes are built to adhere to standards of BuiltGreen 4-Star and Energy Star Certified homes. Residents won't have to fear to feel cramped in a tiny home, as the homes are still spacious enough with an average of 1,500 square feet each and still look fabulous:
Linda Pruitt, the president of The Cottage Company, stated that "[The Cottage Company's] mission is to continue to pioneer single-family housing choices that fit seamlessly into larger neighborhoods. Intrinsic within that mission is connecting with people and environment in a simple, life-sustaining way. Our over-riding approach is to create beautiful, serene places where people want to spend their lives."
Danielson Grove lives up to Pruitt's standards, boasting the "perfect blend of privacy and community" and has won several awards, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2007 National Housing award for the One/Two family Production Homes category.